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Mel Skellie

Our clients love Mel - she's helpful, friendly and fun to work with. Nearly all of our customers work with Mel at one time or another. She's an expert bookkeeper and payroll person as well as a dog lover.  Mel handles most of our day to day accounting and payroll needs as well as answers the phone, greats our visitors and keeps Michael on track. Mel's from Alabama but we don't hold that against her.

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Lauren Pittman

Lauren is as sharp as a tack. Lauren loves details and getting sh*t done. Lauren handles most of our clients bills, bank reconciliations, sales tax filings and a lot of the "hey could you take care of this" items Michael comes up with. Mother of two great boys - Lauren is a Chicago native making Nashville home. 

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Michael Atnip

Somebody had to start this venture so Michael stepped up. A CPA for over 10 years, husband and father, Michael is the brains behind this operation (also he's the one writing this so modesty be damned). A father and husband Michael is a native Nashville (gasp! they do exist) and avid tinkerer. After toiling a few years on other CPA firms, he figured out a better way to make a difference and took a leap to start AtnipCPA. 



Avators are not indicative of actual person - everyone here has a complete face and exists in three dimensions.