Our Impact

Statewide nonprofit organization

We serve many nonprofit organizations and we are more than a little proud of our work in this area. Here is an idea of what we do for these types of organizations:

  • Implement a modern, cloud based financial management system for accounting, payroll and expense management.
  • Deliver accurate financials beyond just the basics.
  • Perform detailed analysis of costs and offer strategies for cost savings.
  • Develop internal controls that meet industry guidelines without adding burdensome processes.
  • Act as a sounding board for issues and ideas for growth and stability. 

Small businesses

Many of our clients are small businesses. We serve professionals, makers, franchises, restaurants and many other types of locally owned companies.  These businesses rely on us to help them make decisions that impact the owners their families and employees. A common set of services we provide to this industry is below:

  • Cloud based financial accounting and payroll.
  • Design of employee benefit plans.
  • Tax planning, compliance and preparation. 
  • Consulting on growth strategies and employee issues.